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For NEW Coser: How to Cosplay Your Favorite Character?

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For NEW Coser: How to Cosplay Your Favorite Character?

Cosplays unique charm has attracted many Cosplay enthusiasts. Many novices have a passion for Cosplay, but have no way to start Cos. In fact, if you want to play a character you love, as long as you follow this 6 steps, you can really get on the road of Coser! Let's start.


For NEW Coser: How to Cosplay Your Favorite Character?

STEP 1: Do basic homework

In order to make a Cosplay character, it is not enough to simply like the character. First of all, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the character of the Cos, such as the characteristics of the character, inner thought activities, frequent physical movements, expression changes, and it is even very important to understand the relationship between the Cosplay characters and the surrounding characters. This is a very important step and the basis for a good character.



STEP 2: The importance of design drawings

In the process of preparing Cosplay costume and props, a complete process plan needs to be listed to help the design. At this time, the design drawings play an important role. You can copy the original elements of the comics, animation images, and original characters in the setting diagrams, or download and print the pictures. Those who are interested and capable can also made by themselves, and the icons should be displayed in full. The characteristics and details of the character costumes can be used to prepare, produce and improve the costumes according to the design drawings.



STEP 3: Making costumes

With reference to the design drawings, you can purchase clothing materials and accessories in Cosplay costume shops or shopping malls. Different clothes require different materials. According to the material of the clothing, choose the fabric close to the character's clothing. Those who have the ability can sew on their own, if the handwork is not very strong, you can ask the clothing master or let the tailor make the costume. Making Cosplay costume is the most important step for Cosplay. If you sew your own costume, you will feel more fulfilled.



STEP 4: Make props

For the Cosplay characters that need props, the displayed props also need to be made and improved on the basis of design drawings. More ready-made gun-like props can be found in toy stores. If there is no ideal prop that matches the Cosplay characters, you need to make by yourself, you can go to the Internet to search for relevant materials for making props and models, and prepare materials based on information. General props are made of various types of paper, plastic, wood, white latex, acrylic paint, paint, and so on.



STEP 5: Wigs, styling tools and cosmetics

For hair and character styling, wigs, hair accessories, styling tools, and cosmetics are essential. The choice of wigs can be found in stores or online stores. There are now many shops that specialize in selling Cosplay wigs. When you cannot find the same hairstyle as the character, you can customize it, or use the styling tool to DIY yourself according to the drawing.                                               


STEP 6: Go to Cosplay!

Finally, prepare everything, put on makeup, wear a wig, put on Cosplay costumes, pick up props, dress up, and try to imitate the expressions and movements of the character in front of the mirror. You are the real Cosplay character.


Welcome to join us in the wonderful world of Cosplay.




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