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How ’s it Like to Work as Character Performer in Disneyland?

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How ’s it Like to Work as Character Performer in Disneyland?

For someone who has been a character performer at Disneyland Orlando for six months through the ICP project, I want to talk about this issue.



During the six months of working at Disneyland, I have played roles such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Pinocchio, and Jake. First from the interview, the first thing to consider is height. The above character performers are required not to exceed 160cm, and Goofy is probably more than 185cm. Also you need to be good at acting and language.


After getting the invitation letter through the interview, you can know your hourly salary. Because this job is physically demanding compared to other grassroots jobs, the hourly salary is relatively high. At that time, everyone was $ 7.79, and I was $ 8.65 .


After arriving at Disneyland, we started training. The most important thing is safety and practical training. We put on the clothes of various characters and put on a variety of special shapes for taking pictures. For Mickey and Minnie, the styling requirements will be more stringent, and basically follow the required actions. For a character like Donald Duck, because the character of the animated character is funny, the requirements are not so strict, and he can have more actions he wants.


The most important point is the signature. Character performer s signature has a fixed style, which must not be changed according to the style signature. Let's get a pen to practice normally, and then put on costumes and gloves to practice until we are familiar with it. During the training assessment, the trainer will let you go out to play with tourists and then make a video. After you come down, he will show you the videotape to find the deficiency and help you correct it.


After a week of training, you can officially start your job. There are many requirements when working. From the beginning to organize costumes, character performer must start to organize costumes one hour in advance. According to the list, get the character's clothing, head, shoes, gloves, and decoration. Secure the safety rope in the character's headgear, glue basic shoes to the character's big shoes, etc. After playing, it is a normal signature photo, the most important thing is that you must not have language communication with tourists.


Let's talk about rest. In fact, there are many rest periods for role-players. Generally, it takes 40 minutes to rest 40 minutes indoors, and 30 minutes to rest 30 minutes outdoors. If the weather is hot, it takes 20 minutes to rest 40 minutes. The lounge has sofa air conditioning and free drinks and desserts.


The last point is about sending photos. If character performer post photos of their work on public platforms such as Facebook, they must not mention "this Mickey is made by me" or something like that. Disney officially gives a more appropriate statement. , "I'm friends with Mickey / Minnie today."



If you are not yet a Disneyland staff member, but you can customize a costume for your favorite Disney characters. As long as you have a dream in your heart, you are your own hero.



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