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How to Become a Princess Character Performer in Disneyland?

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How to Become a Princess Character Performer in Disneyland?

"My favorite place is Disneyland, where I can see my favorite Disney princesses and take pictures with them." Disney seems to be a dreamland for many girls,  they imagine they can also be in Disneyland to play the princess, but if you want to play the princess, there are a lot of requirements. Let's take a look.



The Requirements of Disney Princess Performer

1. The height must pass the level. The height of a person is the most intuitive feeling. The height of Disneyland princesses is not required to be too high, generally within 160cm to 170cm. This height girl looks most comfortable. If the height is too short, it will be unattractive. If it is too tall, it will not be as cute as a girl.


However, this height standard is required for Disneyland princesses. Of course, the characters in Disney are not only princesses, but also some villains of the villain character are essential. Villains are generally tall. Different characters have different height requirements.


2. There is a requirement for the figure. Disneyland princesses are generally small girls. They look very sunny and healthy, but for those who are more sexy in clothes, such as Princess Jasmine, then the requirements will be raised. Disneyland generally chooses bodybuilders.


3. Girls cannot do nail art. Girls want their hands to have beautiful nails. Nails of various colors and styles are very popular, but the image of Disney princesses should not be too exaggerated. Colorful nails and gorgeous makeup are not allowed.


4. Always keep smiling. Disney princesses are all positive and positive images. These Disney performer bring positive energy, so be sure to always have a smile full of sunshine, which will also make tourists feel good. Smile service is very important.


5. You cant bring a lot of jewelry. Many girls especially like those shiny jewelry. They feel that they have become little princesses after wearing them. In fact, the real princess dress is quite elegant. There is no special jewelry, just simple earrings and rings.


6. Make-up yourself. This should still be quite surprising. Generally girls must think that they only need to sit there, and there will be many makeup artists coming to make makeup, make hair, etc., but actually in Disneyland, the Disney performer have to make up themselves.


7. Keep your social network secret. Now with the development of mobile phones and the promotion of social APPs, more and more people like to expose their usual lives on the social network, their usual food, beautiful clothes, and friends parties, etc., everyone is keen to share their lives, but this is not allowed in Disneyland.


8. Retire at the age. Disneyland princesses are all young girls, so there are age requirements for actors. According to statistics, the average retirement age of these Disney princesses is 27 years.


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