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How to Behave as Cosers and Visitors in a Cosplay Event?

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How to Behave as Cosers and Visitors in a Cosplay Event?

Cosplay is the abbreviation of English costume play. Its verb is cos, which refers to the use of clothing, accessories, props and make-up to play the role of anime, game and ancient characters. Cosplay's narrow interpretation is to imitate and dress up the role of the virtual world, also known as role-playing. People who play cosplay are generally called cosplayer.


People often find some cosplay activities around, so what etiquette should we pay attention to when participating in cosplay activities? Let's learn more about it.


How to Behave as Cosers and Visitors in a Cosplay Event?Q


1. Etiquette of Interaction with Cosplayer

If you want to take photos, you should get the consent of cosplayer. Especially when you want to take photos together, you should respect the wishes of cosplayer. When cosplayer is not willing, you should not take photos. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether it will hinder other photographers around us.


Don't criticize coser. Cosplay is a kind of personal interest activity, not a display activity, not even a performance activity. So whether you think Cosplay is good or not, it is very impolite to comment on cosplay. In particular, it should not be commented in public, whether it is on-site, website, etc.


If you want to talk to coser, you should respect cosplayer's inconvenience and willing. In fact, coser will be a little tired in the meeting place because of the weight of his clothes or taking photos repeatedly. With the invitation of photographers or friends, coser is usually busy in the meeting place. If the coser doesn't want to stay for a long time, he shouldn't be tangled.



2. Etiquette in Role Playing

Don't dance or throw things in the field. The space of the venue is limited, because dancing needs a large space. Playing music will also affect other people who do not want to listen. Therefore, except the stage provided by the organizer, the public space should not be occupied for dancing. Throwing things is the same. Throwing dolls or other things in the venue takes up a lot of space and may cause a certain degree of danger to the surrounding area. Please do not do any of these behaviors.


Change the clothes in dressing room provided in the venue and keep it clean. The use of hair dye or other pigments should not pollute the environment. Cosplay clothing should be changed on the site. If it is more conspicuous, it should not be dressed to the venue, or dressed to leave the venue.



3. The Manners of Taking Pictures

First of all, most of the activities are full of people. And for role players and photographers, there is no need to enter when taking photos in most places. Therefore, the staff of the venue can not conduct comprehensive management of the photography environment of role playing. So the order of photographing can only be abided by individuals. 


The most basic common sense, that is, No photography in the booth area, is a very selfish and thoughtless behavior in the booth area when it is already crowded. It will cause great inconvenience and traffic jams.


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