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How to Design Cartoon Mascots?

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How to Design Cartoon Mascots?

Logo design is the first step of image design that every brand must take. Logo design is divided into three categories, the first one is the common simple style of graphics and text, the second is the text logo design, the third is the cartoon style design. Cartoon style is divided into cartoon logo design and cartoon mascot design.

How to Design Cartoon Mascots?


Is there any difference between cartoon logo design and mascot design? Generally speaking, cartoon logo design is the combination of cartoon image and brand name, most of which are half body image with lovely font design. The mascot design is the whole body design, the text part is not prominent, just to tell you the name of the mascot function. And mascot design includes the main body design, three view design, as well as derivative action form expression design.


Mascot is the product of human primitive culture and the primitive human culture formed in the struggle with nature. In this kind of struggle with nature, human beings first focus on the needs of survival, and in the process of development, nature has formed an instinctive concept of seeking good things and avoiding evil things.


The mascot design should first determine what the mascot's original shape uses, which is the key and the most basic. Common mascot designs include characters, animals, plants or some original cartoon images. Take the NBA for example, almost every team has its own team logo and mascot. For example, the Bulls use a cute cow, the Rockets are naughty bears, and the Celtics use a magician.


There are also some cartoon images that we will not see in our life. The purpose of mascot design is to show people with a lovely and friendly image, so that brand display and promotion are not boring. From the design point of view, mascot design is also more expensive than the general logo design. Because not all designers have excellent hand-painted ability and experience, and mascot design modification process is also more cumbersome, which means redrawing, time-consuming and labor-consuming.


The original shape of mascot design is mostly decided by brand owners, such as their own zodiac, favorite animals, image fitting industry and so on. After the prototype is determined, the main part of the design is necessary. Because if the main body is not finalized, there will be no other follow-up.


Generally, the main image is the positive standing form of mascot. After the main image design is determined, in order to facilitate the production of the real object, the corresponding three views (front, side, back) should be designed, so that the manufacturer can make the real object very well. Then if the brand owner also wants to have a set or need different actions, the designer will design different mascot action expressions corresponding to the main project. This will be based on the brand budget and actual needs to grasp.


Mascot design market demand is also growing. No matter it's a brand, city or competition, there must be a mascot.



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