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How to Do Makeup to Match your Cosplay Costumes?

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How to Do Makeup to Match your Cosplay Costumes?

 The booming development of online shopping has provided huge convenience to anime fans, and we have saved a lot of time on costume props. However, the fun of Cosplay lies in the satisfaction of Cosplayer, and makeup is the basic skill for Coser to get started. Cosplay makeup is different from other ordinary makeup, not only to beautify itself, but also to make yourself as close as possible to the original characters through makeup. How to do makeup to match your Cosplay costumes?



How to Do Makeup to Match your Cosplay Costumes?

Four tips of basic makeup

Concealers, foundations, loose powders, and bright powders are all essentials for a basic cosplay makeup.


1. There is a special concealer for the foundation. Its covering power is better than foundation and its very close to the skin. If there is no concealer, you can use foundation dip it into the area that you want to cover and gently brush away.


2. Loose powder has a good effect on makeup fixation. In order to avoid frequent makeup, you can use a powder puff to take loose powder and pat it evenly on the face to fix the makeup. This is a very necessary step.


3. In addition to brightening the highlights to create a three-dimensional effect, the bright powder can also cover concealer parts such as eyes and nose, etc. If you use bright powder as a base, the oil will be less and the cosplay makeup will be clear.


4. Generally use a sponge and a puff. After dipping the foundation, pat it gently on the face, do not apply directly on the face, so the particles of the foundation will appear on the face and affect the entire Cosplay makeup.



Four tips of eye makeup

For Cosplay eye makeup, just one eyeliner is definitely not enough, such as eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, eyebrow dye, etc. are all commonly used tools in eye makeup.


1. Before painting the eye makeup, you must do a good job of priming the eyes. When using the eyeshadow, you can blend it from light to dark according to the color, and draw the shape close to the eyelids. Lying silkworm and lower eyes can be brightened with bright powder.


2. After putting on the eye shadow, use eyeliner to draw the eyeliner evenly along the base of the eyelashes. The corner of the eye can be treated with natural finishing. The bezel type is also a method of drawing the eyeliner. It can be brought to the second half of the lower eyeliner to enlarge the eyes.


3. You cant just use one or two eyeshadow brushes. You need to prepare more brushes of different sizes. Large brushes are used to base a large area and smudge work. Small brushes are used to deal with subtle eye shadow changes.


4.The eyeliner of most Cosplay characters is very obvious. There are special ones that will exaggerate the eyeliner. If you are not sure of the location and direction of the eyeliner, you can first draw the approximate range and area of the eyeliner with an eyebrow brush or eyebrow pencil, then fill it with an eyeliner.



Above we shared how to make the base makeup and eye makeup of Cosplay, have you learned? Follow us to learn more about Cosplay costumes.




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