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How to Find a Location for Cosplay?

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How to Find a Location for Cosplay?

Cosplay photography of environmental portrait is a big classification of environmental portrait. The categories are more special. Basically, it is the expression of people and environment, people and atmosphere. At the same time, it has a sense of narrative.

So how to shoot environmental cos? Let's learn more about it.



How to Find a Location for Cosplay?

1. Environmental Cosplay Photography Elements

This seems to be similar to ordinary environmental portraits, including characters (subject), environment and props (scenery).


(1) Coser (Role)

The character is the coser, the main body and core of a film. Other elements such as picture and composition are adjusted according to the role to express the atmosphere and mood of the picture. If a character was put into an environment appropriately, even not awkward, the character and human settings of the character should be fully understood. The latter two elements are role-based.


(2) Environment

The environment is the scene, such as studio shot, location shot, travel shot, etc. The environment is the accompaniment of the role and should be connected with the role. To some extent, the shooting of cos has a great limit on the selection of environment and scene, which is different from the selection of ordinary photo. The right environment is very important for shooting this kind of cos works. It is consistent with the role and the atmosphere that you want to express. The role emotion is set off by the environment, and the picture atmosphere is expressed by the environment.


(3) Props (Scenery)

Props (scenery) are the things that match the characters in the basic environment and are the accompaniment of the characters. Different characters need different props(including cosplay costume) to supplement and express. The prop set is also the accompaniment of the character. For cos works, it's more appropriate to shoot with the things that match the role, express the role and symbolize the role, and it's more centripetal force. The whole picture wants to express the story and emotion of the role here.



2. How to Choose Shooting Environment

In fact, the selection of shooting environment has a lot to do with what you want to shoot, or what you want to express. It includes role-based selection environment and environment-based role determination.



3. Composition

In fact, many of the compositions are cut twice. When shooting in the early stage, they will be larger than what they actually want, so that they can be adjusted in the later stage. When shooting, many sundries will inevitably enter the picture, which requires the second composition in the later stage.


Whether it's a familiar or unfamiliar environment or scene, observe it first. It's best to check as early as possible. If people can't check as early as possible, they can check more site information maps. According to the picture data, they can predict what kind of pictures they can take. The other part of inspiration comes from the on-site investigation.


The stable composition is closer to life and more natural. For the lens line of sight, it is better to shoot in the range of 45 degrees above and below the horizontal angle of view. Smoothness sometimes makes the picture more endurable. More blank should also be left, which can extend imagination space.



4. Role, Background and Arrangement of Props

(1) Centripetal Force

The centripetal force here refers to some elements in the picture that guide you to the main character. These can only be found through observation and familiarity with the environment. Cosplay costume, many props and objects in the picture have some orientations, which are all around the role to express the atmosphere at that time.



(2) Role and Background Ratio

If people shoot too many pictures, they will find that there are several good results in different cutting methods of each picture. When shooting in the early stage, more scenes can be taken into the picture, so that it is very convenient to recreate in the later stage. The proportion of characters in the environment depends on the atmosphere they want. For this kind of shooting of environment portrait and environment cos, the proportion of environment will be more. It is possible that environment: role = 3:1 / 5:1 or even 10:1.



5. Pose and State of Character

Try to be casual. This performance requires not only the coser, but also the guidance and capture of photography. The point is to let coser in cosplay costume feel the environment and put them in that environment to imagine that they are the characters themselves. In addition, the chest and shoulders, that is, the posture, will really affect the effect of the film.



6. Summary

Put the subject in the big environment, ponder the relationship between the environment and the role, nature and the role. Express the living appearance of the role, as well as the state and emotion that the role should have.




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