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How to Have Fun in San Diego International Comic-Con?

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How to Have Fun in San Diego International Comic-Con

San Diego International Comic-Con was originally called Golden State comic minicon and was founded on March 21, 1970 by a cartoon fan named Hill Dove.


San Diego International Comic-Con is the largest animation show in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest in the world. Different from the traditional animation festival, San Diego International Comic-Con has gradually transformed into a diversified comprehensive exhibition. In addition to animation and cartoon works, movies, TV works, toys, electronic products, entertainment related products and activities will appear at the exhibition.


How to Have Fun in San Diego International Comic-Con?


1. Animation Related

As an animation exhibition, activities arranged in the field of animation in San Diego International Comic-Con is very attractive.


The organizer specially arranged a signing area for painters, where fans can see their favorite painters and get their own signed works. Some artists will also bring their original paintings to the exhibition for auction. These lines are more meaningful to comic fans than the comic itself. In addition to the artist, the comic book author and even the artist's model may appear in the signing area.


The animation screening area is also a highlight of San Diego International Comic-Con. The organizer provides three screening rooms for animation lovers to play classic animation films and the latest excellent works. And sometimes there will be premieres of new films.


San Diego International Comic-Con also provides a platform for the award ceremony of American animation industry, where the Eisner award is presented. The Eisna awards also feature the best retail store awards, which reward comic stores that have made outstanding contributions to the comic industry. In addition, San Diego International Comic-Con also has its own Label Award. It's a bit like a lifetime achievement award.The winners are all famous persons.


Every year, American animation industry people hold animation art conference at San Diego International Comic-Con to show the new achievements of animation industry. These educational forums also help San Diego to maintain its non-profit nature. The San Diego International Comic-Con also includes a work review area.


Of course, cosplay is indispensable for animation exhibitions. In order to encourage everyone to dress up bravely, San Diego International Comic-Con has attracted many sponsors to support cosplay in the form of bonus. Cosplay's sponsors are usually comic companies, and they only give bonuses to fans dressed up as their own corporate characters. The prize money is not much, even only 40 dollars. This also reflects the non-profit of San Diego International Comic-Con from another aspect.


Every influential exhibition will provide exhibition areas for major companies to introduce new works to fans more intuitively. Of course, these press conferences are indispensable in San Diego International Comic-Con.



2. Film and Television Related

The San Diego International Comic-Con may be the most generous to show films.


In addition to the special film studio at the exhibition, the organizer also arranged to play excellent films for the fans of the animation exhibition all night in the designated hotel. In addition to showcasing good films, the organizers have also joined the Independent Film Festival in the exhibition, which is provided to those who are not supported by the film companies. The organizers will also award the best short film in each major film category. Children's Film Festival is also one of the links of animation exhibition. The children's Film Festival has a history of five years at the San Diego International Comic-Con.


 After the early development, film and television programs become an important part of its exhibition at San Diego International Comic-Con.



3. Game Related

The game at San Diego International Comic-Con is also one of the great highlights and wonderful participation. A small number of game companies come here to publicize every year. They mainly provide trial play and other forms to let players know about the new works, and hold some competition activities as well. The game exhibition area is definitely one of the key development objects of San Diego Comic-Con in the future.



4. Special Events

Calling on people to donate blood at an animation show may be a strange thing, but San Diego International Comic-Con has maintained this practice for more than 40 years.


In the 1970s, Robert A. Heinlein, a famous novelist, suffered from a life-threatening disease that required many rare blood types to survive. After receiving the blood donation, he felt that he owed the blood donor. Later, when the novelist was invited to the world con, he told the organizers that he could come, but there was a strange demand that only blood donors be signed. Later, the organizers agreed to cooperate with the novelist's blood donation. After that, more and more celebrities joined in the blood donation activities of the animation exhibition, and the organizers arranged it very well. In addition to getting autographs and gifts after donating blood, they also prepared performances for people who are donating blood to make the activity more active and interesting.


According to statistics, San Diego International Comic-Con blood donation activities have saved 2200 lives in the past 33 years.


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