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How to Hold a Comic-Con?

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How to Hold a Comic-Con?

Comic-Con is divided into many kinds. The organization process is the same, while mainly the content and focus are different. But in practice, the difference is not very big.


Comic-Con is basically divided into four categories.

The first is business orientation Comic-Con.


The second is the same direction, such as Comiket, CC and CP in mainland China, and Doujin overload in Australia.


The third is the general / cos direction, which is to mix all the things together. The proportion of stage activities and tour field cos is relatively large. Small and medium-sized activities basically belong to this type.


The fourth is other aspects. They are those activities with special regulations. For example, Anime Festival Asia in Southeast Asia puts concerts and exhibitions together. This type of planning should be customized according to the activities, and there will be more things to pay attention to.


Next, we will talk about the points that need to be paid attention to when holding the Comic-Con.


How to Hold a Comic-Con?


1. The First Thing is to Ensure That the Exhibition Can be Carried Out Smoothly.

It sounds silly, but it's very difficult at the beginning of the whole scheme.

For example, if you want to invite enterprises or painters or cosers to participate in the exhibition, you must first have a certain venue and regulations, especially the enterprises. However, before most of the exhibitors are determined, booking the venue means that the host has to bear the risk of venue costs. This is the main pain point faced by most of the first anime exhibitions.


At the beginning, most of them made vague negotiations on both sides, waiting for the exhibitors and the venue to be almost determined before making a decision. But there are also several serious problems.

(1) Businesses and big organizations don't necessarily come.

(2) There is no popularity of the event. The date and venue are not determined, not reliable. Others refused at the beginning.

(3) Even if it's good luck, all the exhibitors have reached an agreement. But something happened on the venue. For example, the reserved day venue can't be used. From then on, we can't turn over in the industry.

(4) The time of the venue was fixed smoothly, but all the enterprises and communities were not free. They went to negotiate the venue again, but it couldnt be changed. The deposit was collected as liquidated damages. If you must do it, there is a possibility that everyone doesn't come. The activity will be ruined.



2. Exhibition Nature Planning

When the venue, time and personnel are well coordinated, it should be planned according to the nature of the exhibition.


Business oriented activities focus on enterprises. They like more people. So publicity is the absolute core of the activity. To promote well, of course, the activities of the venue also need to be carefully planned to attract more exhibitors.


Enterprises need power supply for their stalls, and those that need scaffolding and lighting should be considered in advance. The site with poor space planning and unstable power supply cannot be used. The site planning shall be done well in advance. Corner stall and passage sections shall be planned well in advance. If a large amount of preparation work is needed, an extra day or half day of the venue will be set up instead of being crowded in the morning. It will be too late. Venue setup, stage, lighting and sound should be arranged in advance.


The organizer must take good care of their colleagues who are willing to support them. In terms of coser, the size and environment of the dressing room should be ensured. The cos area inside and outside the venue should be sufficient, and the special channel should be opened. Lounge, food and drink should be ready for coser with stage performance. Everyone should be sent a magazine or something else like. Guest level coser may be equipped with assistant and translator according to the situation, and the hotel and reception shall also be arranged.


In terms of social organizations, large social organizations must be invited. If they do not come, send for sale instead, or even do not pay for the consignment. But their names must be hung up over there to brush the exhibition contents and attract exhibitors. If the relationship is handled well, it will be easy to succeed in inviting them later. Don't arrange the rivals together. Keep the two sides away, or every side will be involved in the conflict.


In terms of logistics, there are tables and chairs for rent. Fortunately, the venue will provide all. Posters and tickets will be printed in advance. If there is a control room for stage lighting and acoustics, find a technician to do it. If there is no one, build it by yourself. The traffic guidance should be done well, to ensure that exhibitors can find it. The check-in gate should be done a little more, because activities generally take a long time to line up.


Remember to make sure that there are staff patrolling the venue during the event to prevent fighting. Because sometimes people come to participate in activities, and then fight because of conflicts. Afterwards  they attack each other, and the organizers will be involved.




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