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How to Take Part in Comic Market?

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How to Take Part in Comic Market?

Comic Market is the largest cosplay market in Japan and even in the world held by Comic Market preparatory meeting, which is called Comiket (or CM for short). Generally, Summer Comi is held from the second Friday to Sunday in August every year, and Winter Comi is held on 2-3 days in December 28 and 31. It is held at Tokyo International Exhibition Hall in Youming, East District of Dujiang, Tokyo, with free admission. It started in 1975.


How to Take Part in Comic Market?


1. Division of Participants

Comic Market calls all comers participants. This term includes those who come to the market (i.e. special purchasers) only for the purpose of purchasing the publications of the association. The specific classification is as follows.

(1) Club participants

(2) Business participants

(3) Working participants

(4) General participants

(5) Delegate participants

(6) Cosplay participants



2. Community Participation

In principle, the participants and staff of the association must reach the completion age of compulsory education (Above senior high school students). If they want to join as a community, they must register with Comiket within the specified period.

Winter comi, about 3 days after summer comi

Summer comi, about 1 week in early February

(Please refer to the official website for specific time.)

When signing up, participants need to buy the application package (one for each booth) in the preparation meeting of Comic Market the previous time they want to participate (C72 is in C71). During the registration period, they need to send a short volume summarizing the remittance method of the participation fee and the community information, neither too early nor too late. All applications beyond the application period are regarded as incomplete documents and are almost certain to be rejected.


In addition to mailing applications, online applications have been expected for a long time. Comiket and Circle MS signed a commission business contract for web applications, providing online application services from C70 (summer 2006). The online application also needs to buy the same application package as the mail application, and pay 1000 yen (several times the original application fee), but the application can be extended (The application content can be modified within one week after application). As the application period of winter comi is about 3 days after the end of summer comi, the number of people using online application of winter comi is increasing.


When participating in the club, half table space (90cm x 45cm) and two folding chairs are provided as standard booth. In order to divert the general participants, more booths are provided to those large organizations. In addition, in order to be able to line up with friends' club booths, people can also participate in the application of join together. The two clubs are arranged on the same table when they join. They need to buy a special fitting envelope when registering by mail. When they register online, they only need to process the form, and don't need to buy a fitting envelope.



3. Community Lottery

Because the number of booths in the venue can't catch up with the number of registered community, the trend has been increasing slowly. In principle, the method of drawing lots is adopted.


There are many items that need to be filled out on the application form of the community, and there are changes in each term. Therefore, a considerable proportion of applicants lost the selection because of incomplete documents. But after 2000, when the exhibition period was 3 days, the winning rate actually increased. So it is expected to win as long as people pay much attention to fill in the forms to a certain extent. On the contrary, for the two-day session, except for the incomplete documents, there were 40% people who were not selected.



4. Precautions

(1) Remember

A few days before the Comic Market is held, please go to the designated place to purchase the catalog (CD-ROM version or printed version) of the Comic Market. There will be a brief introduction of each participating group and the location of the booths (There will also be sales in the venue. Please refer to the official website for the location of pre sales).


Bring enough money, especially a thousand notes. Some of the stalls may not have enough money to change.


A long line-up is a great challenge to physical strength.


If people are participating in the winter comic market, they should bring enough warm clothing. The venue is near the sea, and the participants often have to line up outside, so they must keep them warm.


(2) Do Not

Remember not to line up all night outside. This is something that comic market preparation will explicitly prohibit.


To avoid injury, remember not to run around in the venue.


Do not take photos with coser outside cosplay area.




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