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Introducing Internet Company Mascots

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Introducing Internet Company Mascots

As the most sensitive industry to obtain information, Internet enterprises are always able to keep up with the situation and see the trend. At the moment when the country vigorously promotes the cultural power, using company mascots to promote its corporate culture has become the most popular way. Let's take a look at the company mascots of Internet enterprises.


Introducing Internet Company Mascots


1. Tencent QQ family

QQ family is a group of warm friends from Antarctic hotel. It is composed of six different characters: geek QQ, dumb baby Q, warm man Dov, confident Oscar, charming Anko and energetic Qana. They are not only a group of lovely characters, but also represent a young, interesting and positive attitude towards life.



2. Tmall - Black Cat

Cats are sexy and tasteful. Tmall online shopping represents fashion, sexuality, trend and quality. Cats are naturally picky, picky about quality, picky about brand and picky about environment, which is just in line with Tmall's pursuit of fashion, trend, quality and sexy concept.



3. Jingdong -JOY

In August 2017, JD company mascot "joy" was upgraded from 3D metal dog to white ceramic dog. The dog has a good moral of "loyalty and friendship", which is consistent with the idea that JD hopes to convey. The name "joy" has the meaning of bringing people joy, implying that JD brings happy experience to users.



4. Sogou - Wang Zai

The company mascot "Wang Zai" of Sogou was officially released in 2015, but Wang Zai is not a simple little white dog all the time. According to Wang Xiaochuan, CEO of Sogou, Wang Zai is lively, active and curious. Its head adopts the shape of wisdom teeth, which symbolizes the coming of wisdom. Orange high-tech glasses cleverly integrate Sogou star product Sogou input method and Sogou search input box elements, closely linking the product and company mascot.



5. Meituan Takeout - Kangaroo

Kangaroo's characteristics of "big bag, many items and fast running" are consistent with Meituan's positioning of rich take out categories and fast delivery speed, which can provide consumers with a comprehensive choice and high-quality experience. There is also a catering O2O platform Deliveroo in the UK. The icon is kangaroo, which is different from Meituan takeout. It mainly provides takeout and distribution services for senior restaurants.



6. UC - UU and CC

The company mascot of UC is squirrel, which is also divided into two genders, UU (male) and CC (female). According to UC, squirrels are the fastest animals in the world. Therefore, the basic pattern of squirrel implies that UC browser has the characteristics of "speed", fast and light Internet access. Abstract squirrel pattern is made up of several different shapes of jigsaw puzzle, which implies the "intelligent" characteristics of UC browser, which can change with the needs of browser users. Simple monochrome design implies the "safety" feature of UC browser, which can provide stable and reliable safe Internet service.



7. Fresh HEMA - Hippopotamus

The key words of HEMA brand gene are trust, happiness and innovation. As an Internet innovation enterprise, it needs to have a sign that can make people feel curious. The design style of the early years is very tedious, and all the big brands including IBM, LG and Starbucks are simplifying the logo. In fact, simplicity is easy to remember, which is also our design goal. In the middle of the designed box horse mouth is an infinite shape. In order to enable users to identify and quickly read it at the beginning, we hope that we can see that it is a hippo on the shape, and the mouth is relatively large.



8. Flying Pig - Pig

The logo outline of "flying pig" brand is the deformation of "fly" initial "F", and also the shape of wings. In the middle is the cartoon image, the main color of alloy yellow, full of vitality and vitality. The slogan of the new brand "flying pig" is "go further than your dream". The brand advocates the "flying pig spirit" of playing all over the world, so that young people's journey is more free and comfortable, calmly and comfortably meet the surprises of travel, and go further than their dreams with no distractions.



The above is the brand mascot of mainstream Internet enterprises. From their images, we can see that the image design of company mascot is simple and has a strong degree of identification, which can convey the tonality of the brand and carry the concept of the enterprise. At the same time, it should be in line with the public aesthetic, because the image loved by the public can empower the brand and help the enterprise. If you have any interests in making your company mascots, please contact us.




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