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Why Can’t Cosplay be Industrialized like Anime and Game?

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Why Cant Cosplay be Industrialized like Anime and Game?

Cosplay has been successful in China for 22 years from 1993 to 2015. Cosplay has been loved by teenagers for 22 years. It's really not easy. As the large-scale manufacturers of animation, game and Internet industry are more and more closely connected with cosplay, people's expectations for the realization of cosplay industrialization are also growing.


However, in the past 22 years, China's game industry has become more and more popular, and the animation industry has begun to recover under the great glory of the game industry. But why cosplay, which is closely related to animation and games, is so difficult to realize industrialization? The reason for this has to be traced back to the root.


Why Can’t Cosplay be Industrialized like Anime and Game?


1. The Instability of Students is Hard to Push cosplay Industrialization

From the data of Baidu Index, the development trend of cosplay industry, to the actual situation of cosplay activity site, we can find that cosers participating in cosplay are mainly students. Although cosplay can be highly praised by students, which is a helpful thing for cosplay industrialization, but the main task of students is to learn, they will be unable to maintain their long-term and stable love for cosplay due to the pressure of their schoolwork. On the one hand, the time that students can spend on cosplay is limited, on the other hand, it is full of instability.


In this case, there are no stable talents to add to the cosplay culture, students' support for cosplay fluctuates greatly, and they gradually quit the coser circle after graduation for various reasons, which are the important reasons why the students dominated cosers can not promote the industrialization of cosplay.



2. Cosplay Industrialization needs more Commercial Elements

Interest is still the biggest driving force for coser to support cosplay. Cosplay itself has not formed a complete industrial chain. It is very difficult to support cosplay's interest cost by the competition bonus. In the past 22 years, cosplay has been able to maintain a tepid state of development, which is inseparable from the students who have made great contributions to cosplay due to their strong interests.


But for a culture that needs industrialization, if there is no commercial element to cultivate users and market, the process of industrialization will be greatly slowed down. Therefore, as the main group of cosplay, when students still participate in cosplay cultural construction because of the call of interest, cosplay industrialization needs more commercial elements. It also needs the dual support of the market and the government after the addition of commercial elements, in order to move faster to the hot.



3. Weak Market Support, Insufficient Game Relevance and Weak Animation Foundation

It is undeniable that China's game industry is moving towards the international front line at an unexpected speed of development. As an industry closely related to animation, today's entertainment cooperation can really see the support of China's game industry for the original animation industry. But as the derivative culture of animation, cosplay is not directly related to the game industry.


In fact, although cosplay can have certain publicity effect, after all, the fans' economy in cosplay industry is not obvious enough to bring a large number of users to the game companies keen on making fast money. There are few commercial activities that game companies can provide. In the end, few commercial performance activities can not have quantitative guarantee. Basically, the game industry that can only be performed by suppliers can not provide effective help for cosplay industrialization at all, which belongs to the surplus of heart and the deficiency of power.


To promote the development of cosplay industry, competition is an essential part. Compared with the usual coser weekend gatherings, large-scale events obviously have stronger integrated marketing capabilities, and both the sponsorship scale and competition influence are of great benefit to the development of cosplay industry.


With the popularity of entertainment cooperation, the combination of animation and game industry is also constantly close. It is believed that more and more large-scale manufacturers will start to flow into this market, starting from cosplay, to fully open the market of animation and game. In this case, to create several large-scale competitions wholeheartedly, do well in cosplay benchmarking competition, and keep organizing and operating small-scale cosplay activities for a long time will become the key for cosplay industry to attract more large-scale manufacturers to join in and let large-scale manufacturers help the industry to build a larger-scale industry grand meeting, which will greatly help cosplay industry to bring a more perfect commercial chain.




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