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Why is Color Match so Important in the Cosplay Shooting?

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Why is Color Match so Important in the Cosplay Shooting?

First of all, the biggest difference between cosplay and general shooting is that the flexibility of cosplay shooting is very low. There is a big obstacle to keep the "high reduction" of characters or to photography as a visual performance. why is that? let’s take a closer look.



Why is Color Match so Important in the Cosplay Shooting?

1. Code Geass - Euphemia

The plot of code Geass is excellent in rhythm matching, but it is very unfriendly to cosplay shooting. How to judge if it is unfriendly? There are too many differences with the real world characters. That is to say, the ACG attribute is very strong. It's not surprising that under the very reasonable story structure and background, the setting of characters should conform to this irrationality. And the state that these ACG characters are divorced from reality is another reason that cosplay becomes more attractive.


Blood stained Euphemia, as the main shooting idea, not only needs to set off the "blood stained" atmosphere, but also reflects the conflict between events and characters to enhance the sense of plot. Choose cosplay shooting in a park full of highly saturated green plants. So the problem is that the combination of high saturation green, pink and red is very disturbing.


This is the limitation of cosplay shooting. Of course, if we only pursue the simple restoration without considering the overall harmonious feeling we pursue, this is the difficulty that can be ignored. Because the early stage is such an unchangeable implementation, what we need to do is to reduce the sense of conflict between characters and real characters and reduce the sense of color volume.


So the comprehensive plan is to transform the clothing reasonably.


In the aspect of color, it is necessary to consider more comprehensive and make treatment plan in the early stage. Considering the influence of sunlight on color, we choose to start shooting in the afternoon to dusk.



2. Fate - Enkidu

Enkidu's first impression will not be a very difficult character to shoot. Because there is no conflict in his overall sense of color. The problem is that the color is too uniform and lost the overall sense of color matching here.


Such a seemingly flawless combination can bring many problems to the shooting, the biggest problem is the lack of hierarchy. Because the background of the characters is relatively full, but different from Euphemia, in Enkidu's alone picture, because there is no strong event to impact people's hearts, the flat product is difficult to express rich emotions. The expression of rich emotions is what we all pursue very much. As a means of photography in the process of creation, it is very limited.


So in this series of shooting, we need to solve the following problems:

(1) Under the limited color selection, enhance the texture and level sense of the picture

(2) Reflect the non daily normality of personas


There are two solutions. The first is to use the combination of pre light, such as spot light, makeup light and large area direct light to increase the richness of the picture when disturbing the green theme. The second method is still to choose props with appropriate texture and movement form to help reflect the character and living state of the character without disturbing its green color.



I hope this color analysis about cosplay shooting can help you better!




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