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Fuzhou Duoguo Arts and Cafts Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 2011, Fuzhou Duoguo Arts and Cafts Co., Ltd. is a young, energetic and up-to-date mascot costumes manufacturer with a professional processing factory integrating design, production and sales of plush toys, cloth toys and cartoon costumes. In the production of high-quality cartoon walking mascot costumes, cartoon clothing, cartoon display, cartoon mascot costumes, children's performance clothing, cosplay costumes, cartoon toys, plush cartoon mascots, there are rich design ideas and unremitting pursuit of details.  

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At Duoguo, we turn dreams into reality! We breathe life into the characters that we create. Our characters are fun, full of life and built to last!

Among them, the most popular is the cartoon mascot costumes, which is technicians handcrafted, light in structure, easy to wear and unload, smooth in air flow. The cartoon body part can be removed at will, easy to clean and maintain. In terms of the shape, Duoguo mascots is vivid, interesting, lively and lovely with good air permeability, convenient joint movement, clear vision for people to wear. In terms of the quality, excellent materials and routing technology make Duoguo mascots not only wear-resistant and depreciation resistant, but also impeccable in details. If you choose Duoguo, you would become the focus of the crowd!
Over the years, Duoguo has been adhering to the business philosophy of "win-win cooperation" and has established long-term cooperative relations with many companies and attracted loyalists technicians. In the future, Duoguo will continue to expand its business scope, provide customized and intimate services for customers, and achieve a win-win goal.

Becoming a part of the Duoguo Arts and Crafts Team!

Becoming a part of the Duoguo Arts and Crafts Team!

Although many would like to work in the fun, and creative environment Duoguo Arts and Crafts offers, you must demonstrate extensive training and experience in your craft in order to be able to work here, preferably with a college or university degree. “These high standards in our people, give us the most qualified staff in the industry by a long shot,” , “and ensures our customers receive the absolute best costume possible.”

We look for innovative, creative, and team oriented individuals that bring a can-do attitude with a fresh perspective to our company.


3 Keys to Duoguo Mascot Success
1) An Amazing Mascot Costume


Several factors contribute to making a costume amazing. First, it must have a visual appeal for its primary audience. Generally speaking, this means it be cute and cuddly, and bear an obvious relation to the organization that owns it. Second, it must be constructed of sturdy, durable materials that will stand up well to wear and tear. Finally, it must be highly functional in a wide variety of performing environments. This means it must be well ventilated, allow for a good range of vision and permit unencumbered body movements.

2) An Excellent Performer

An excellent mascot performer is defined by three characteristics. First he/she must have a suitable personality. Duoguo Arts and Crafts’ experience has found that mild introverts with a dry sense of humor make the best performers, not extroverts. This is because the anonymity of the costume allows an introvert to do things he would otherwise shy away from. Extroverts, meanwhile, have difficulty suppressing their own personality in favor of the mascots. The performer must get along well with people of all ages, but be especially good with children. Accordingly, he or she must be gentle and patient in manner. Second, the performer’s act muast endear the mascot to fans by providing them with a lasting positive impression. This requires the performer to develop routines that leave the fans wanting more. The last characteristic is the performer’s physical suitability for the role. This entails having the correct stature to wear the costume and being in good physical condition.

3) A Committed Organization

The final ingredient of a successful mascot program is the commitment of the organization managing the program. By commitment, we mean the willingness to provide the program with all the moral and material support it needs to run effectively. In terms of moral support, an organization needs to regard the program as an integral part of its overall marketing, public relations and entertainment package. To that end it must seriously consider the promotional ideas and managerial concerns of the mascot program’s staff. As for material support, it is essential that the organization give the mascot program sufficient financial, logistic and administrative resources to do the job well.



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