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How to turn your cartoon images into commercial profits?

Cartoon Image Optimization Services
1.  With a complete 3D image file, Duoguo manufactures the mascot costumes or other animation peripheral products according to the required product dimensions or model height.
2. With a 2D all-around image file, Duoguo are able to design and turn the 2D image into 3D image.
3. With only one 2D image, Duoguo designer can find similar pictures or videos on the Internet and build 3D image, then send them to the customer for confirmation.
Different Business Situations Services
1. Based on the customer's brand design, it can be commercially authorized. For example, Mercedes Benz smart, Wanda, bicycle brand winspace, city easy pass card, etc.
2. Carry out their own cartoon design for performance or publicity, and determine the items needed for the activity
One-Stop Solutions
Duoguo Provide design, production, quality inspection and transportation of various derivative products.

Successful Stories of IP Cartoon Images
"Brand" is the common cognition of consumer groups for a certain value, and an image that helps people remember quickly is usually called "brand IP". Duoguo has helped more than 3000 small business to realize the commercial realization of IP! 
Commercial Realization of IP
 Louis, a designer

He established a brand marketing for his family's children's biscuits. The core of his product is to meet the nutritional requirements of children's educational development by matching biscuits with nutrition, which designed the image for him personally and helped improve the market cognition of children's biscuits. At first, the effect was not ideal. Later, Louis chose Duoguo, and we started from the image of authenticity, affinity, peripheral consumer goods and other dimensions to provide a complete set of solutions, at present offline marketing exhibition has become the main brand promotion channel of the children's biscuits brand, and achieved remarkable results! Duoguo brings cartoon into life from experience. Louis said "By working with Duoguo, we have developed cutting-edge creative strategies."
 Jamie Randa, a restaurant owner

Her restaurant is also a little famous in the local area and she is a fan of Hollywood stars. One day when she was serving food to her guests, she found that the guests were criticizing their celebrity' bodies. During this period, other guests participated in the criticism. When she came home from work in the evening, she and her husband felt that they should do something to publicize and reject "body shame". So they created the cartoon image of Confidential Tater - the main specialty of their restaurant, to organize a group to publicize and reject body shame - eat healthy, live confident. At the beginning, they started their own restaurant with unsatisfactory results. Later, we made our own cartoon mascot based on the cartoon image and matched the surrounding products, such as plush toys, T-Shirts, cups, etc., to promote their ideas. Now they have a better reputation in the circle, got interviews with local TV stations. Jamie Randa said: Duoguo often gives us different product concepts. They are our long-term important partners.
 Marjan Alek, an animation designer

He has been engaged in animation design for more than ten years. When his first child went to school, he was too busy to spend time with his children, so every time he wanted to go out to play, but he couldn't spend a long time with his children. Every time he wanted to go back to work, the children were reluctant to give up. He felt that the children were needed, So he quit his previous work and started to make his own cartoon character and animation films with several friends, and started to make their animation characters into actual products in 2015. At that time, he met Douguo. Marjan, through his specialty in cartoon design and a series of supporting products from Douguo. They opened their third store last year. When Marjan opened his third store, he sent pictures and videos of their opening and children's love for their products. He was very proud to say that although he was as busy as before, he now had more time to accompany his own children, and he welcomed his third child. Marjan “I'm very glad that Duoguo can participate in the growth of our company. My colleagues also hope to promote our animation to China in the future.”
 Jerry, from Finland, but currently residing in Singapore. 

He was a freelancer before. He likes Singapore from his first trip, and rented a shop to operate there. At first, he found that there were many restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and so on. So he founded their advertising company to provide personalized customization and creative products. In 2017, he met Duoguo, Jerry and we have made a large puppet design and layout for the local shopping mall in Phuket, which has been recognized by customers and won some popularity in the local area. Now the company has a team of 42 people. Jerry said that he plans to visit us in China next year and we can also recommend some special product ideas to them in person.



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