Design and  Customize Mascot Costumes
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Each style of Duoguo mascots is made of foam plastic, which has good air permeability and convenient movement. (Note: foamed plastic is the production material provided by the world's preferred suppliers. It can be cleaned). Customers can customize your lively and vivid mascot costumes according to their own needs!  

 - The head structure is shaped with special high density foam plastic and reinforced with steel wire! Anti extrusion after forming with strong durability! Duoguo adds different suitable shaping materials according to each different shape of mascots!

 - Duoguo mascots costumes is mainly made of  super soft plush with cotton lining which is comfortable to wear and washable.  

 - The shoe sole is waterproof and skid proof with wear-resistant rubber! You can wear Duoguo mascot costumes without your socks or just with your shoes. The mascot shoe size is suitable for everyone to.



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